Flower woodcut Penelope. ~A Song Cycle~ by Sarah Kirkland Snider

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Cover of 'Penelope' by Sarah Kirkland Snider

Album Cover Design by D.M. Stith

I have been slow to post news here, but so much has been afoot in the world of Penelope! Following the release of the album October 26, we’ve been fortunate to receive some wonderful press from both the classical and indie rock/pop worlds, which has been gratifying and in some cases revelatory. Ellen, Shara, and I have been amazed by the level of engagement and rigor with which many journalists are listening these days! It’s always thrilling when someone else’s perspective on the work leads you to see connections you weren’t necessarily conscious of previously. In any case, an up-to-date list of these reviews, blogs, and features, including an interview with Shara and myself conducted by Venus Zine, is on the Press page of this site.

A few weeks ago we released a video for the track “The Lotus Eaters,” shot by the visionary Murat Eyuboglu, which was premiered by the folks at indie favorite My Old Kentucky Blog. I will post about this soon, with some Fun Facts and behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot, where dear Shara was 7+ months pregnant and an incredible trouper. You can watch the video on the Audio/Video page of this site.

A new Penelope show has been added! On April 9 you can catch excerpts from the work at The Kitchen in NYC, where Shara will perform an arrangement with the amazing ensemble ACME as part of the 21C Liederabend Festival, which we’re looking forward to very much. Other Penelope shows are in the works; all details to come on the Performances page.

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